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‘A Stage of Clay’ - Exhibition

Rob Parr Ceramics Exhibition Stoke on trent

Pleased to announce details of my forthcoming exhibition at Valentine Clays in Stoke on Trent.

“The title for this collection of exhibited work ‘A Stage of Clay’ reflects my ongoing relationship with both the material and the subject matter. As all those that work with ceramics will greatly appreciate, it takes a considerable amount of time and experience to know the material thoroughly, to understand its limitations, the processes that it dictates to the maker, and how to realise the intrinsic qualities clay presents. As a figurative sculptor, I equate the exhibition of work to sending actors out to tread the boards to entertain and engage the audience in a story or idea.”

The exhibition runs from 19th February to 23rd March 2018, with the private view on Friday 16th February. For full details of the exhibition venue, opening times on how to attend the private view can be found HERE

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