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Potters For Aleppo - Auction UPDATE

Rob Parr - Crowing for Aleppo

There's a brilliant group on Facebook Called 'Potters For Allepo', Here's what it's all about:

'A potter in the UK named Mark Griffiths, horrified by what has happened in Aleppo, Syria and concerned for the families affected there wanted to donate one of his favored pots to be auctioned off, with the money raised sent on to aid those in need in Aleppo. He offered the pot on his own timeline, allowing his friends to bid in the comments section of his photo. Other potters, moved by what he was trying to do soon began to offer some of their favorite pots from recent firings on their own timelines. From these beautiful gestures, Potters For Aleppo was born.'

A great opportunity to purchase some great work, and at the same time, help the people who are suffering in Aleppo & the rest of Syria.

Click HERE for the Facebook Link.

UPDATE..... Potters For Aleppo managed to raise an amazing £29,354.

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